Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Watch out for scam artists like ALLAN F!

Its a wee bit frustrating when I see Bootcamps popping up all over the place, I mean there are some legitimate ones like NW Adventure Bootcamp, Bootcamp 101, Survivor, Bikini, Be More Fitness ...BUT unfortunately there are scum bags out there that are money hungry, scammers that are ripping off people, and yes it makes me mad! I know for sure there is a Bootcamp in Calgary that has changed its business name at least 3 times in the last year or so, why you ask??? Well I will tell you... he is being sued by companies and clients alike. He is not even a certified Personal Fitness Trainer ...oh wait he got his cert online......he has defamed other Bootcamp companies on the Internet, pretended to be a client that has gotten hurt in a bootcamp and posted it, emailing community halls with more lies, why don't we ask a certain fitness magazine why they will not do business with you? I could go on and on. Yes I am angry I have worked hard to make my business where it is today. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE ALLAN...Why don't you focus on making your own business a legitimate one, instead of spreading lies about other owners of Bootcamps? Yes we are banding together and we will fight the fight....people like this need to be stopped and I believe what goes around comes around.

10 million dollars

I was asked today by a friend of mine, if you won 10 million dollars tomorrow would you quit your business? I answered without hesitation, are you kidding NO WAY... I would advertise my business so much and become bigger and better. She answered "I thought that," it got me thinking ...WOW...I do love my job. I am very lucky to say my job happens to be helping people live longer, healthier and inevitably happy lives, can it get much better? I think not!