Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ready for Round 2?

Be More Fitness was in Downtown Calgary yesterday sparring with the Downtown crew. Everyone loved the energy and intensity yet once again. Be More Fitness brings the equipment to you. This is why people all over Calgary love our Bootcamps. Variety, Fun and Effective Workouts makes Be More Fitness the #1 Bootcamp in Calgary. Click here to Register and make a change in your life.

Check out the Fitness Kickboxing Workout Video...

Calgary Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp with Be More Fitness

Fitness Kickboxing was a BLAST in McKenzie a couple days ago. The group enjoyed another session packed with punches, kicks and cardio! Be More Fitness wins the fight once again in being the BEST BOOTCAMP IN CALGARY! You too can train with the Fitness Experts. Join Be More Fitness today!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Be More Fitness Tackles the TRX

Be More Fitness offers the Trx as part of out training sessions. We have been using thr TRX for a couple years now.This is what makes us a step above all other Bootcamps. The variety we offer is exceptiona!You will never be bored!
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