Monday, March 9, 2009

Getting revved up for Spring!!!

I know its hard to believe BUT SPRING is just around the corner....Spring is my favorite time of the year...WHY? Summer is right behind! My passion is fitness and helping people reach the full potential of their lives. I help people live longer! Outdoor Bootcamps are my absolute favorite to instruct. The smell of the fresh air, the wind cooling you off as you stretch in the sun, the blue sky and nature..what could be better? Outdoor Bootcamps start April 20th with over 13 locations!
See YOU outside!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Constructive activites for your week off

Well, if you have been involved in Be More Fitness Bootcamps before, you'll know that we take a week off after every 4 weeks of Bootcamp. In that week, we do a nutrition workshop, Body Fat testing and the Fitness testing. These value added features I believe, are important to help you reach your fitness goals. This is why we offer them!
I often get asked "what can I do on the week off?" It's nice to do an activity that you have maybe never done before? We call it active rest. The activity should be different than the activity in Bootcamps. This way the body and mind get something different, which challenges them both. In the winter you might try skating, skiing, and even tobogganing, (climbing up those hills is a great cardio activity). You lose your strength at 1/3 the rate you gain it, which means we lose it a lot faster then we gain it. One week off is great because you will lose very little of what you have gained. It also allows your body to recover and be ready to start again.
One activity I like to do is cleanse on my week off. This helps to get rid of any toxins you may have and helps you start fresh again. Beware of dangerous cleanses that tell you not to eat for a week etc. I cleanse with the all natural Arbonne cleanse. It's mild, yet effective. Email me and I will give you Eve M.'s email for more info, or if you would like to try it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Be More Fitness Survey

We sent out a fitness survery to all clients today. 98% of the comments were great! Although, we do like to hear some constructive criticism about the Bootcamps. We want to make the camps the best they can be for our clients. Below are some of the comments that came up in the survey.

  1. Friend Referral Discount
    • Did you know we have a 15% discount for every friend a client refers. Phone us at (403) 453-1200 and ask for the friend referral code. Friends must be registered and have paid online.
  2. Savings for clients that attend Bootcamp after Bootcamp.
    • Yes we DO! Purchase 5 Bootcamps and get 1 Bootcamp FREE! Phone (403) 453-1200 for more information or purchase online.
  3. We would like louder music and maybe not shutting off all the time to talk.
    • We like loud music too! However, there are times the trainers need to yell over the music in order to ensure your demonstrating proper technique. This is one of the most important concepts we preach about at Be More Fitness. Once the technique is described and understood, the music volume will increase. REMEMBER THIS IS NOT A FITNESS CLASS!
    • Thank you for all your comments, we will be emailing a short survey at the end of the first week of every camp. Get ready for our OUTDOOR SPRING BOOTCAMPS!
    E-Books be be sent out by Sunday night...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Burn Baby Burn!

Tonight we did a killer leg workout at Bootcamp. It was great! The nice thing about this workout (like every workout I instruct), you can always make an exercise either harder or easier depending on the level of the participation. It's your workout! If you need to rest, you can. ESPECIALLY IF YOUR A BEGINNER. I always make sure to do this type of workout where you really work one muscle group at the end of a bootcamp. This way participants have a good base of endurance and they can handle this type of workout. Now for Body Fat / Measurements next week.

Just a side note...We have an awesome promotion with Experience You Spa. Receive $50 off Laser Hair Reduction (Bikini & Under Arm) and also receive $25 off any Bootcamp of your choice. If that doesn't get you ready for Bikini season, what will?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fitness Bootcamps Canada

Well here is another slap in the face not only to my profession, but to my business.
There is a company in Calgary called Fitness Bootcamps Canada (FBCC) advertising "Discover how you can earn up to $100-$300/hr as a certified FBCC Boot Camp certified in 1 week." Mmmm! That's very interesting especially when I have 6 years of post secondary education and over 20 certification courses. How can anyone really train a group of people with a one week course? Well let me tell you something. It not only terrifies me, I fear for those that sign up with this organization. When you as a "Trainer" ARE INSTRUCTING A CAMP, YOU NEED TO HAVE A WHOLE PACKAGE! What do I mean?
I mean you need to have the technical side of exercises, anatomy, physiology, biology and so on. YOU CANNOT KNOW ALL THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION IN ONE WEEK. How do you modify exercises for clients that have existing conditions or injuries? Do you as their trainer expect every client to perform the same exercise?

A participant’s technique may not be as good as another participant’s technique because of various reasons. They might have neuromuscular pathways that are not developed or they may not be physically capable. What is the purpose of the exercise? Which muscles are working? Which stabilizers are working? Are the work outs effective or does the "trainer" just find them off the latest magazine or TV show? Well I can tell you one thing, if they’re certified in one week, that’s exactly what these trainers are doing. Consumers RESEARCH YOUR BOOT CAMP AND TRAINER!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Youth Juice

There are so many gimmicks and products on the Internet today, it will make your head spin. I was approached by a client in my Bootcamp about Youth Juice. I gave it a try, I mean how can I give advice to others without trying it myself?(I will not tell others to try a product that I do not believe in) I am a pretty healthy person so I also gave it to my parents to try.One thing you need to know about my parents especially my mom is she DOES NOT BELIEVE IN ANY product. She rolled her eyes when I gave it to her, and made some kind of smart remark. I said mom just try it....She has been on it for a little over 3 weeks. I talked to her today, she said "I feel so much better, I have more energy, those pains in my legs are gone" (she has has them for years) and her blood sugar is lower then its ever been. My dad at 75 is feeling more energetic even though he has heart there you have it. Yes I am a believer!

New Locations

We will be offering many different locations for April-Oct....why are our Bootcamps so successful, well there are many reasons....Value, experienced, certified and CARING TRAINERS.
Fitness testing, body composition testing and a nutrition workshop are all included!
watch out for new locations in Langdon, Chestermere, Airdrie, Signal Hill, Marda Loop, Riverbend and downtown....
With the recession here you need to make every dollar count that's why our Bootcamps make sense, train with a certified trainer, get great results for a fraction of the price of one on on training!
We have Women only, Co-Ed and sports Bootcamps to choose from!

Open House

Be More Fitness held it's first Open House yesterday for all our clients. It was a great success! We will run it yearly from now was great to see people have a good time outside of Boot Camps...(yes we can have some FUN at Boot Camps)
I would like to thank all the sponsors:
Bia Brazil
Laura from Experience you Spa
Eve M from Arbonne
Sherry from Youth Juice
Lynn from Norwex
Catherine from Party Lites
Frank from The Wine Cellar South
Suzanne from Epicure
Darlene from Equilibrium (massages)

All the winners will be contacted today! If you would like information on any of the vendors that
sponsored our Open House please email us...