Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fitness Bootcamps Canada

Well here is another slap in the face not only to my profession, but to my business.
There is a company in Calgary called Fitness Bootcamps Canada (FBCC) advertising "Discover how you can earn up to $100-$300/hr as a certified FBCC Boot Camp instructor...be certified in 1 week." Mmmm! That's very interesting especially when I have 6 years of post secondary education and over 20 certification courses. How can anyone really train a group of people with a one week course? Well let me tell you something. It not only terrifies me, I fear for those that sign up with this organization. When you as a "Trainer" ARE INSTRUCTING A CAMP, YOU NEED TO HAVE A WHOLE PACKAGE! What do I mean?
I mean you need to have the technical side of exercises, anatomy, physiology, biology and so on. YOU CANNOT KNOW ALL THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION IN ONE WEEK. How do you modify exercises for clients that have existing conditions or injuries? Do you as their trainer expect every client to perform the same exercise?

A participant’s technique may not be as good as another participant’s technique because of various reasons. They might have neuromuscular pathways that are not developed or they may not be physically capable. What is the purpose of the exercise? Which muscles are working? Which stabilizers are working? Are the work outs effective or does the "trainer" just find them off the latest magazine or TV show? Well I can tell you one thing, if they’re certified in one week, that’s exactly what these trainers are doing. Consumers RESEARCH YOUR BOOT CAMP AND TRAINER!

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  1. I visited that web site, fitness boot camps canada, and I found it to be such a joke. Not only does the person who designed that site need a boot camp on how to spell, some of the trainers need a boot camp too! If you think I would pay my money to have those trainers train me, you would think that I'm on Crack!