Monday, December 31, 2012

Wow can you believe another year has past, where in the heck has the time gone? This is the time to not only reflect on the year but think about the future and how to make youre life that best it can be. So here are five tips to get you 2013 ready! 1. Write your goals down and remember why you’re on this fitness journey. Get out a pen and paper, and start writing. Are you trying to change your lifestyle or lose weight for a particular event? Maybe your Dr. has diagnosed you with high blood pressure or the onset of diabetes? Maybe you want to fit in to your “skinny jeans” again, or maybe you want to be there to see your grandchildren walk down the aisle. Take time to remind yourself why you’re eating healthy and working out. When your reasons mean something to you and are important, you are more likely to succeed. Place them in a spot where you can see them daily, like on your fridge or on your bathroom mirror. Seeing is believing. 2. Keep it simple, take it slow and one step at a time. For those times when you just don’t want to go to work out, but you know you really should, commit yourself to one step at a time. I remember watching Oprah one day, and she was saying she hates exercising but once she puts on her runners, there is no going back. I have been training for years, and I can tell you I have never heard one client tell me they wish they did not come to the workout. They are always smiling after the workout and happy that they finished. The endorphins are like nothing else, and you are feeling energized for the whole day. Start small, maybe twice per week and after a month, try moving up to 3 times a week of exercising. Make one small change a day, soon you will see big changes in how you look and feel. 3. Measure your Goals. Look at old photos of yourself. Put on an item of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore because it’s too big. A more concrete way is to simply to do body measurements, and body fat composition testing. The scale does not always tell the whole story. If you are not sure how to accurately do this, hire a qualified Personal Fitness Trainer. Sometimes when we have a very large goal, what we still need to do overshadows what we’ve already accomplished. It’s very important not to let that happen. We have to remind ourselves that we are running a marathon not a sprint and we have to keep moving if we want to reach the finish line. Slow and steady wins the race. 4. Surround yourself with like minded people, read and talk the talk. Like my mother always said ...“birds of a feather flock together”.... When you have a common goal with another individual or group you have the support and motivation to keep you on the right track. Bootcamps can be a really great way to stay motivated, meet new friends and help you stay on the “fitness wagon”. Make sure you find the right one, try a drop in workout before you commit to the program to make sure it’s a right fit for you. Read about the benefits of lifting weights and eating healthy in your favorite health magazines or blogs. They say knowledge is power and sometimes we need all the help we can get. Read up on something new you’d like to try, then TRY IT! Subscribe to fitness experts on Facebook and Twitter and look at the profiles of people you know, that are inspirational to you. 5. Schedule Exercise Like an Appointment Often we come up with every excuse in the book, not to exercise, believe me I have heard them all. I mean you could be surfing the net, curling up on the couch and watching a romantic movie or going out with friends for coffee. But exercise is not really an option. It’s a necessity and we need to remember that. Exercise can add years to your life, and can improve your quality of life immensely. I have a shirt that says, “Ask your Dr. if getting up off your butt is right for you....”. It is, so go do it! Put yourself first, you are worth it. Remember, no one will take better care of your health then you. Looking forward to an awesome year of training with you! Belinda