Saturday, January 12, 2013

Don't tell me you have given just started! Yes its true, something like 83% of resolutions will never come to life....thats why I dispise resolutions...
They don't work.....your just setting yourself up for failure.....
GOALS are where its at...goals are never a bad thing.....
How are goals accomplished....?

1.Thoughts (brain storm)
2. Words (write them down)
3. Plan (have a specific plan for every goal)
4. Action (you need to act upon this plan)
5. Accountability (who and how will you be accountable)
6. Results measured (how will you measure your success?)
and back to more thoughts....

I get really upset when the New Year comes about and every gym out there markets to all those "New Years resolutioners" you know all those people that go the first week or two, and never to be seen again at the gym.
These gyms actually count on you not being there, that's how they can keep selling more and more memberships.
They don't care if you show up.....where is the accountability, man if you don't have the motivation in yourself, good luck with that one.
Thats why I believe in my training system, you get an email when you don't show up for the week....
I help you work on your goals....I know something about your family and you. The programs are fast, 30 min get in get out no wasting time!I cap my numbers so you get the best experience in my FLOW WORKOUTS....that's why my program has one of the highest retention rates.
Come on, you cannot keep doing the same thing and think your going to get different results.
We start again in Feb...I hope to see you!