Tuesday, May 18, 2010

21 ways to stay in shape....

Here are the first 7 ways to success....

Day 1: Write it down
Whether you’re just beginning a fitness program or are a seasoned fitness buff, start a diary in which you record every morsel that you put in your mouth every day this week so you’re aware of what you’re eating. No more mindless munching. Then study your entries to determine where you can fine-tune your diet.
Day 2: Eat breakfast
We know there are some breakfast-skippers out there- studies say about one- third of Canadians skip their morning meal. Too bad, because breakfast is a key to success for members of the National Weight Control Registry (consisting of people who’ve lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for a year or more). Today is your first day of making a nutritious breakfast a daily fixture.
Day 3: Don’t drink your calories
Choose only low- or no-calorie beverages such as water, tea, coffee and diet drinks. Calorie-laden drinks are of little nutritional value and represent empty calories. Worse yet, research shows that we eat just as many calories whether we drink no-calorie or calorie-rich beverages. Why and the extra calories? Take it to the next level: Ditch the diet soda and other diet drinks entirely. Sip water, tea or black coffee instead.
Day 4: Schedule your meals
If you aren’t already doing so, eat smaller meals 4-5 times per day rather than three large meals. Start thinking of your meals as big snacks to keep your metabolism humming and to prevent over-eating. Schedule one of your meals two hours before your workout and another within an hour of finishing your workout for optimum recovery.
Day 5: Forget fast food
Drive right on by the drive-thru. It may be unrealistic for you to completely ban fast food- especially if you have kids pining for it- so set limits. Order a side salad and just one other item, be it a chicken sandwich or a regular hamburger.
Day 6: Splurge
As you’re cleaning up your diet, you don’t want to feel deprived and then give in daily temptations. That’s why most fitness professionals and models schedule a splurge day once per week (usually on a weekend) when they can drink alcohol, have dessert and be more liberal overall with their diets. Some people are fine with just a splurge meal rather than an entire day. It’s your choice- just make it worthwhile.
Day 7: Cook
Make two healthy recipes this week. Take it to the next level: Pick four recipes to make during the coming week.