Thursday, March 5, 2009

Be More Fitness Survey

We sent out a fitness survery to all clients today. 98% of the comments were great! Although, we do like to hear some constructive criticism about the Bootcamps. We want to make the camps the best they can be for our clients. Below are some of the comments that came up in the survey.

  1. Friend Referral Discount
    • Did you know we have a 15% discount for every friend a client refers. Phone us at (403) 453-1200 and ask for the friend referral code. Friends must be registered and have paid online.
  2. Savings for clients that attend Bootcamp after Bootcamp.
    • Yes we DO! Purchase 5 Bootcamps and get 1 Bootcamp FREE! Phone (403) 453-1200 for more information or purchase online.
  3. We would like louder music and maybe not shutting off all the time to talk.
    • We like loud music too! However, there are times the trainers need to yell over the music in order to ensure your demonstrating proper technique. This is one of the most important concepts we preach about at Be More Fitness. Once the technique is described and understood, the music volume will increase. REMEMBER THIS IS NOT A FITNESS CLASS!
    • Thank you for all your comments, we will be emailing a short survey at the end of the first week of every camp. Get ready for our OUTDOOR SPRING BOOTCAMPS!
    E-Books be be sent out by Sunday night...

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