Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Burn Baby Burn!

Tonight we did a killer leg workout at Bootcamp. It was great! The nice thing about this workout (like every workout I instruct), you can always make an exercise either harder or easier depending on the level of the participation. It's your workout! If you need to rest, you can. ESPECIALLY IF YOUR A BEGINNER. I always make sure to do this type of workout where you really work one muscle group at the end of a bootcamp. This way participants have a good base of endurance and they can handle this type of workout. Now for Body Fat / Measurements next week.

Just a side note...We have an awesome promotion with Experience You Spa. Receive $50 off Laser Hair Reduction (Bikini & Under Arm) and also receive $25 off any Bootcamp of your choice. If that doesn't get you ready for Bikini season, what will?

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