Sunday, June 12, 2011

Turkey Burgers

Home Made Turkey Burgers, With A Kick!

Serving Size: 1 patty (6-8oz)

6 oz extra lean minced turkey
1/4 cup chopped white onion Calories: 200
1 tsp basil Fat: 12.5 g
1 tsp parsley Carbs: 0.3 g
1 tbs garlic powder Sodium: 150 mg
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper Protein: 25g
1 tbs yellow mustard
pinch of celtic sea salt

Prep: 5 Minutes

In a bowl, mix all ingredients together and form a burger patty. Toss onto a lightly greased pan (coconut oil) or BBQ until no longer pink in the middle.

*Add alongside your favorite salad and sweet potato fries.

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