Thursday, April 11, 2013

Food for THOUGHT.....
So I was at Costco the other day as I have 4 adult kids living with me and one is a football player at the U of C Dinos....he has put 25lbs of muscle in the last few months...that means alot of FOOD!
Thinking I would go on a Wed that there may be less people, no such luck!
Anyways standing in the line with nothing else to do it occurred to me maybe this would be a great time to do a scientific study...
Ok fine well not really scientific... but at least an observation....
I started mentally taking note of what people in line had in their shopping carts.
I took mental note of everything in their carts one by one...
I also looked at the individual pushing the cart....9 out of 10 times the food in the cart directly reflected if the person was over weight or of normal weight.
I mean this is not brain surgery...we know that if your food is full of empty calories, processed, high in fat and or low in fiber this will not fit into the clean eating regime.
So what does this mean?
I guess it shows you are WHAT YOU EAT!
If you buy it bring it in the house you will probably eat it.
I hear alot from clients that "well I am buying it for my kids"...that is not good enough you should not be feeding your kids junk anyways....!
Start buying healthy food now, it may take a bit but believe me your kids will come around.

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