Saturday, January 17, 2015

It does not matter your dream or how old you are you can always do what you want to do....
My dad had severe asthma at around 8 years old so bad he was in bed for most of his elementary and Jr around 7-8 years. The Drs told my Grandma he would not make it through the winter.

Forward 72 years later to the age of 80, he just had  a valve reconstruction from a cows valve. He still drives and is very independent. I never thought my Dad had any real hobby or talent per say. Well I guess I was wrong, and surprised. My dad sent me this today:


For as long as I can remember I was there, at the bottom edge of a long board. You couldn’t miss me for I had a unique design embedded in my surface.  Every time someone came in and cut a length from off the board, that drew me closer to being “the piece” that will be used in some furniture (maybe a table top).  Sadly, when I became the last remaining piece, I was tossed aside and put on the cheap shelf; no one liked my unique design.  I don’t remember how long I stayed there but, in early October, 2014, Bob came and picked me up and measured me all over.  I was exactly the size he needed. On my plain side he traced a strange design he said was that of a Human Heart cut open.

I mentioned the unique design on my back side, well Bob turned that into his left hand holding me up.

Thanks Bob for rescuing me and starting me on this Long Journey.

My dads heart surgeon, he will be using this hand carved heart made by by Dad at age 80 to teach students coming into the faculty.

So why did I blog about this today. Well quite frankly I hear excuses upon excuses why people cannot so what they say they want to do. It is never ending. You are in charge of your own choices not the economy, not your age, not your spouse, not your anything. YOU. You must be prepared to make your dreams and goals happen for you. Don't let something simple like never doing something before, maybe being scared or maybe your age.
Let life slip away or grab it and run! Choices it all comes down to you!

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