Friday, January 9, 2015

What makes a GREAT TRAINER?

I just got a text from my cousin...20 years old wanting to be a trainer. Travelled all the way from Ontario to Calgary a year ago. She was excited with herself, she could hold a plank for 3.5 min in that plank challenge going around. So as my duty as great cousin and well I think pretty good trainer, I had to say something. I mean my job is also to mentor and inspire others to do what I do. In the end the community, city and country only benefits.

So I had to explain why planking for 3.5 min and up to 10 min is not beneficial. I also explained that every exercise and challenge you see on the internet is not always correct, safe or even makes sense? I let her know she could be a average trainer or a great one, which one will she be?

You see this is what I do, it's not a fad, its not a part time job. I spent years at University to do what I do. I spend thousands on training, certifications and hours upon hours reviewing the latest research. Why? it is my job as not only a good trainer.... a Master Trainer.

Yes big gyms are popping up with ridiculous low prices.
What do they offer?
Groupon.... what do they offer, inexperienced trainers grabbing at clients because they have not been experienced enough to build their clients...I have also seen "fly by night trainers" they take your money and no where to be seen again.


Do they offer results, do they guarantee results?

Do they offer education, tools and motivation?

I do not know about you, but I do not want to waste time or money.

I offer the experience, I offer RESULTS.
I am in the process of putting up a WALL OF FAME in my studio. All the ladies and MEN that have seen results in 30 days. No gimmicks, no pills, no starving yourself and no ridiculous challenges or cleanses.

You do what I say, RESULTS follow. It's is that simple.

I believe in you, believe in you too.

Belinda :)

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