Monday, October 29, 2012

Wow I have not blogged in awhile...where does the time go? It seems like you turn around and a whole year has gone by. One thing I know for sure is that Fitness is constantly changing....scientific studies are a real basis of my training for myself and my clients. I think this is imperative for a good trainer. It seems that there is so much misinformation with regards to fitness and health... I am always researching and educating my clients, I believe this is an important quality of a reputable trainer. I mean you need to have a reason for why and what your doing. I actually know of a trainer that gets her clients to run 5km before every Bootcamp, I asked her why? She had no answer to give me but "well i run...." REALLY????? Not good enough. Why are the clients there to lose inches, burn fat increase lean muscle, the list goes on. A GOOD trainer would know that running around for 5 km before every Bootcamp is doing very little for fat Burning.....and that why the clients are who in the heck wants to waste time, I sure don't. I am super excited about the New Year and what it will bring. I hope you let Be More Fitness be apart of your journey.

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